Welcome to Santa Cop!

Santa Cop was started in 1980 when a handful of Lincoln Police Union members started the program. The idea was to start a program which would help the children of Lincoln who “fell through the cracks” of existing programs. The goal would be to serve children whose families did not receive assistance from other sources, experienced an unexpected sickness, suffered an injury, or lost their job which evolved into a financial crisis.  Police officers recognize that children have no control over these events and knew they often went without at this special time of year. That first year 256 children were assisted. The consistently helps 4000 children annually. Each year the program receives overwhelming support from the community. Now the Center for People in Need distribute the toys that are acquired as the result of generous donors who believe in our program.

Lacey Reha – President of Lincoln Police Union Charities, Inc.

Lincoln Police Union Charities, Inc. and the “Santa Cop Program” supported these organizations in 2011: Center for People in Need – Toyland, Friendship Home, Voices of Hope, Christian Heritage Homes-Christmas Gifts, LPD Christmas Eve& Day Emergency Delivery and other small groups whose children would have gone without. We are unable to recognize every group due to privacy restrictions.

Lincoln Police Charities Inc. supports the YMCA after school project, LPD Midget Football and other youth sporting events throughout the year for children who would not be able to participate without your generosity.

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One Response to Welcome to Santa Cop!

  1. Santa says:

    Are you ready? I said are you ready??? for cooler weather and the embrace of the holiday spirit! If not, at least get ready for the volunteers from Santa Cop to pay you a visit in preparation for the November 18, 2012 Santa Cop Auction. Yes that’s right we are soliciting for items to raise funds at this year’s auction…The 2011 Santa Cop Program exceeded its goal in helping children through the efforts of donors which consisted of individuals, businesses, community organizations, football players, volleyball players, professional race car drivers, police officers and the many, many elves that worked as volunteers. The toy distribution through the Center for People in Need plus the other organizations that Santa Cop works with did a great job in helping Santa Claus get Christmas Gifts delivered to those that need our help.

    We are looking forward to 2012. Santa Cop has found a new auctioneer with a long time supporter, Russell Puchalla from Heartland Auction Service who was very gracious in accepting the passing of the torch. Russell has volunteered for the past 15 years as an auctioneer for the Santa Cop Auction. Santa Cop is a tremendous community project, one that offers many rewards to those that participate. This fall (2012) the program will begin its solicitation of merchandise for the ” 22nd Annual Santa Cop Auction.” We will be working throughout the year planning and working to serve those in the Lincoln Community that may go without if it wasn’t for programs such at this. Please inquire if you would like to help.

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